Asynchronous On-Demand Course

Plenary: Plenary - 1
PL-1.1 Highlights of the 2020 Canadian Cardiovascular Society Atrial Fibrillation Guidelines - A practical approach
Mathieu Walker
PL-1.2 Update on hypertension - When to worry
Rahul Jain
PL-1.2 Update on hypertension - when to worry
Sheldon W. Tobe
PL-1.3 The CCS dyslipidemia guidelines - What's new and what's important?
George Thanassoulis
PL-1.4 CHF: Using meds wisely
Richard Sheppard
Plenary: Plenary - 2
PL-2.1 Derailed by sex, drugs, & rock 'n' roll
Martin Gignac
PL-2.2 Are all hives allergies?
Christine McCusker
PL-2.3 Contraception: What's new?
Giuseppina Di Meglio
PL-2.4 When Are Recurrent Infections An Immune Disorder: Approach To Immunodeficiencies
Reza Alizadehfar
Plenary: Plenary - 3
PL-3.1 Things to know when starting to exercise
J. Scott Delaney
PL-3.2 Hyperthyroidism
Magali Bidal-St-Aubin
PL-3.3 Proper use of diagnostic tests in rheumatology: Pearls for the family physician
Delphine Keyaert
Giada Sebastiani
Plenary: Plenary - 4
PL-4.1 Asthma - a post-COVID update
Pierre Ernst
PL-4.2 Lesions on skin of colour
Robin Wiviott
PL-4.3 Anything new about breast cancer screening ?
Guylène Thériault
PL-4.4 Migraine toolkit: What's new in 2023?
Robert Altman
Plenary: Plenary - 5
PL-5.1 Elder care: Tips for your toolbox
Wendy Chiu
PL-5.2 Evaluation of cognitive impairment in the office: for whom? when? And how?
Fadi Massoud
PL-5.3 What is that rash? Pearls in distinguishing viral exanthemata
Earl Rubin
PL-5.4 ADHD in Adults
Fiore Lalla
Plenary: Plenary - 6
PL-6.1 Family Medicine as a mission- From wonderful developments in Brazil over 25 years to a reality with no family medicine in Benin
Sister Monique Marcelina Bourget, Benin
PL-6.2 Obesity treatment - Are GLP1s the new miracle?
Jasmine Kler
PL-6.3 Atopic Dermatitis : An update
Fatemeh Jafarian
PL-6.4 Anxiety in older adults
Anne-Charlotte Thiffault
PL-6.5 Contemporary management of abnormal uterine bleeding
Cleve Ziegler
PL-6.6 Psychedelics
Joseph A. Schwarcz


A-01 Medical wearables and devices for patients
Daniel E. Lalla
A-02 Office evaluation of suspected angina
Mathieu Walker
A-03 Find out the facts, period! Evaluation of Amenorrhea and Menstrual Irregularity in Teenagers
Preetha Krishnamoorthy
A-04 What's up in hypertension?
Sheldon W. Tobe
A-04 What's up in hypertension?
Rahul Jain, / Rahul Jain,Canada
A-05 MAID discussion - the tough cases
David Dannenbaum
A-06 Medical cannabis
Claude Cyr
A-07 Assessing disability and workplace restrictions in spinal pain
Mohan Radhakrishna
A-08 Applying the 2021 CCS Dyslipidemia Guidelines in Clinical Practice
George Thanassoulis
A-09 Successful management of andropause, low T and hypogonadism in aging men: Tricks of the trade
Peter Chan
A-10 Electrolytes abnormalities for the hospitalist
Daniel Blum
B-01 Latest wisdom on breastfeeding - tips & tricks
Anjana Srinivasan
B-02 HPV
Samantha Benlolo
B-03 Should we be PRObiotics?
Rilla Schneider
B-04 Long-COVID: The Marathon Nobody Signed Up For
Leighanne O Parkes
B-05 How I treat type 2 diabetic nephropathy
Tiina Podymow
B-06 Pearls in office management of diabetic urgencies that do not require immediate referral
Natasha Garfield
B-07 Approach to cognitive issues in the office
Julia Chabot
B-08 Approach to polyneuropathy
Rami Massie
B-09 New roads and old alleys in psychiatric treatment: psychedelia and such!
Fiore Lalla
B-10 Does this child have a genetic syndrome? And what should I do about it?
Teresa M Rudkin
C-01 Managing common issues in long-term care
Mark Karanofsky
C-02 Virtual care considerations: Medico-legal tips to enhance your practice
Cheryl Hunchak
C-03 Joint reduction Techniques
J. Scott Delaney
C-04 Taking the pain out of treating opioid use disorder. Updates for 2023
Vanessa Pasztor
C-05 Hyperthyroidism
Magali Bidal-St-Aubin
C-06 How to order the appropriate biochemistry laboratory tests or are diagnostic laboratories open bars?
Julie St-Cyr
C-07 Hepatitis B
Christina Greenaway
C-08 Management of rheumatic patient on a day to day basis
Delphine Keyaert
C-09 LFT's
Chiara Saroli Palumbo
C-10 Guiding patients through chronic pain: Strategies for doctor-patient education
Allen Steverman
D-01 Deprescribing in older adults : What, when, and why to consider?
Louise Papillon-Ferland
D-02 Practical approach to a cognitive complaint in the office: clinical cases and discussion
Fadi Massoud
D-03 CVD or fragility fracture risk: Critical stance on guidelines and shared decision making
Guylène Thériault
D-04 Joint injections
Michael Stein
D-05 Headache clinic - case discussions
Robert Altman
D-06 Dentistry 101 for Family Medicine
Robert Karanofsky
D-07 Internal Medicine on call
Samuel Mamane
D-08 Please hit subscribe: the effects of social media on teens
Yvonne Quan
D-09 Moving towards Cultural Safety, Anti-racism and Reconciliation
Darlene Kitty
D-10 Let's stop to stress over IBS
Gad Friedman
E-01 Myths and realities of food desensitization
Christine McCusker
E-02 Counting Heffalumps: Insomnia in older persons (a geriatrician's POV, redux)
Wendy Chiu
E-03 What to do while waiting for knee joint replacement
Karen Meyer
E-04 Stress incontinence: Treat them with poise.They depend on you.
Marie-Claude Lemieux
E-05 Eye emergencies in the office
Devinder Cheema
E-06 Rabies Risk Management
Paul Le Guerrier
E-07 How to keep up: A data-informed approach to the literature based on the daily POEM
Roland Grad
E-08 Anemias (iron replacement incl. IV iron)
Carolyne Elbaz
E-09 Adolescent addiction
Nicholas Chadi
E-10 Obesity Medical Management – Practical tips and a fresh perspective
Jasmine Kler
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