A-01 Medical wearables and devices for patients

Daniel E. Lalla, Canada

Faculty Lecturer
Department of Family Medicine
McGill University

Questions Submitted

  • How do you balance the fine line between providing personal and medical information to corporations (i.e. medical data farming) and patient confidentiality?


Wearable devices are commonly/increasingly used by our patients but what promise do they hold? Useful technology or expensive step counters? What does the medical literature tell us about them? And what does the future hold? 


At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand capabilities of some portable or wearable devices related to medicine
  • identify some clinical scenarios where this technology can be leveraged
  • Appreciate some proven and unproven uses by looking at medical literature has to say about these devices
  • have a more informed interaction/discussion with patients who are using them
  • Better incorporate this technology for patient care and safety

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