ER Procedures for Non-ER Docs: Managing the airway, placing a chest tube, getting into the circulation

H. Mitchell Shulman, Canada

Associate Professor
Department of Emergency Medicine
McGill University


At the end of this session participants will have learned how to get extra doses of adrenalin from an "epipen"; how to perform a surgical and needle cricothyroidotomy; some tricks on how to position the airway properly and how to safely insert a chest tube and reviewed the use of glue to repair lacerations and some tricks on how to use it more effectively


At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Manipulate an epipen to get additional does of adrenalin from it
  • Gain access to an airway which is obstructed
  • Determine if a needle thoracentesis is indicated and how to safely perform it
  • Do a venous cutdown and/or safely place an intraosseous catheter
  • Safely and effectively use glue to close wounds

Questions Submitted

  • Hi Mitch, Thank you for very much for this very helpful workshop. I recall being on a flight from Europe back to Canada in 2019 and I child on board was ill with URTI and breathing difficulty. Other physicians & nurses were there and we diverted to Iceland. The doctor on the ground in Iceland was very prepared & capably took over the medical management of our patient, so I was impressed with the efficiency of the system(s) in place.

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