Common ocular emergencies

Marino Discepola, Canada

Assistant Professor
Dept. of Ophthalmology
McGill University, Royal Victoria Hospital,St. Mary's Hospital


At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the most common ocular emergencies that present either in the office or emergency room
  • Correctly manage the most common ocular emergencies
  • Know which cases to refer for more specialized secondary and tertiary care

Questions Submitted

  • What is the name of the topical analgesic you mentionned when talking about corneal abrasions (?Preset) Thank you

  • Regarding corneal abrasion , why do you say patching does not help. I had a personal experience when I had a corneal abrasion and an ophthalmology resident at JGH refused to patch and I was in excruciating pain and dysfunctional until I found an optometrist who did applied a patching lense and it helped reduce the pain instantly. I am wondering what is the evidence behind that ophthalmologist refuse to patch while optometrist agrees to do it.

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