Updates on breast cancer pathology and treatment

Stephanie Wong, Canada

Breast Surgical Oncologist
Surgery & Oncology
Jewish General Hospital


At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss clinically relevant factors in a breast biopsy report for in situ or invasive cancer
  • Describe differences between systemic and local therapies and provide examples of each
  • Review different biologic subtypes of breast cancer and how they alter management decisions

Questions Submitted

  • HI Thanks for the excellent workshop A 54 yr old patient of mine with a history of DCIS right breast in 2010 had a recent finding of a 4 mm solid mass vs complicated cyst on left breast u/s this year - Birads 3- Suggestion is made to repeat u/s in 6 months. Is this a safe approach ? The patient is concerned that she needs followup sooner. Thanks Orly Hermon

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