Migraine toolkit 2022 update

Robert Altman, Canada

Neurology and Neurosurgery
McGill University


You can provide the talk in .pdf format in advance of the lecture.



At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Secure diagnostic criteria for migraine
  • Don't forget at medication overuse headache (MOH)
  • Your toolkit (behvaioural, pharmacological, non-pharmacological strategies)
  • Appreciate your impact as a care provider on patient QOL

Questions Submitted

  • Hello Dr Altman, I am very interested in learning to do the occipital nerve blocks. Is there anywhere you know where a family MD can go for training? Thank you! Onyema Onyekwelu

  • Hi I have 27 yr old female patient on OCP who has a history of migraines, and recently started to develop aura with her migraines. Do I need to stop her OCP ? Thanks Orly Hermon

  • Hello Hope all is well. For patients who mainly have migraines associated with menstrual cycles- and the occasional migraine triggered by stress. would the primary treatment be COC- i.e lolo, alesse. if they do not want to start a contraceptive medication what is the next best option? thank you kindly

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