PL-2.4 The evolving role of insulin therapy for type 2 diabetes over past 30 years

Tina Kader, Canada

Assistant Professor
Department of Medicine
McGill University


This talk is a historical perspective of insulin therapy over 30 years

At the start is was counted as a negtive for type 2 then became an absolute necessity to finally setting into 2022 as somewhere in between

The current focus is treating diabetes with patient at the core; with goals of treating and preventing cardiorenal complications/ getting a1c to goal; patient preferences with minimal hypoglycemia;

We has so many options in 2022 and finally treating diabetes is really a team event.



At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand where insulin fits in 2022
  • Understand who will likely need insulin
  • Understand when to start insulin
  • Understant which insulin to start first and how to progress
  • Be aware of latest guidelines 2022

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