Controversial cases in thrombosis - The clot thickens


At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Review the management of estrogen-associated VTE
  • Review the management of superficial venous thrombosis
  • Describe the indications for thrombophilia testing

Recommended Reading Websites

Thrombosis Canada clinical guides

Questions Submitted

  • a question for Dr. C. Elbaz, for 1st provoked VTE/DVT, duration of tx is 3-6 months (with a preference for 6 months, if i understood correctly). is this correct? also, for all other situations (unprovoked VTE, 2nd provoked VTE), does this mean AC for life? thanks!

  • a question for Dr. C. Elbaz, in the various formulations of contraceptions, you say that Alesse has a risk of VTE (and that it is the levonorgestrel that gives a risk), but i thought that it was only the estrogen in the OCP that gives a risk of VTE that all the progesterones regarless of the type do not cause increase risk and that the reason that progesterone only options were free of risk was because they had no estrogen did i understand right? or do some progesterone have no risk, while others have some risk (regardless of if there is estrogen in the mix)? thanks!!

  • A patient with arterial blood cloth with anti phospholipids under Coumadin do we need to bridge with Innohep when the I r is under 2?

  • When is a FU DUS indicated for VTE and how would results affect treatment duration.

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