C-CHANGE guideline update 2022: Bringing together Canada's CV focused guidelines

Rahul Jain, Canada

Family Physician/Hospitalist, Co-chair C-CHANGE Guidelines
Department of Family and Community Medicine
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, University of Toronto


A case-based workshop to review the Canadian Cardiovascular Harmonized National Guideline Endeavour (C-CHANGE) guideline for the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease in primary care: 2022 update.


At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the 2022 C-CHANGE Guideline Update recommendations for the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease
  • Implement recommendations for multimorbidity in a single patient
  • Reflect how the C-CHANGE recommendations can help older adults live at home longer and healthier

Recommended Reading Websites

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Questions Submitted

  • I started checking Lp(a) one time only, since hearing your talk at last year’s Refresher Course. How do you use that information? (Eg patient with few to no risk factors but very high Lp(a)- does that push the patient to a higher risk catergory?) How is it weighted among the other risk factors we calculate in the Framingham Calculator? Do you think it will one day be added to the Framingham Calculator?

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