Meno - Metro - Oligo: A simplified approach to abnormal uterine bleeding

My Lan Graziani, Canada

Family Physician
St. Mary’s Family Medicine Centre


At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Assess what constitutes abnormal uterine bleeding in women across the age groups
  • Propose an appropriate treatment for abnormal uterine bleeding according to the etiology
  • Troubleshoot specific situations of bleeding caused by exogenous hormones such as contraception and hormone replacement therapy

Recommended Reading Websites

Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Questions Submitted

  • For the indications of endometrial biopsy, there is any AUB in BMI min 30, and <45 y.o. Does this include 20-30 year olds with oligomenorrea who are obese? or bleeding for 3 weeks in a 20 y.o., obese patient? Should we do a trial of increasing estrogen in OCP first for this last case and see if it responds or do we go directly to endometrial biopsy? Thanks!

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