PL-3.3 Before you send them homeā€¦Informed discharge - lessons from the CMPA

Janet Nuth, Canada

Physician Advisor
Safe medical care learning


This session will review of common themes seen in CMPA files involving informed discharge and informed refusal.


At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the professional and legal obligations regarding informed discharge discussions
  • Outline best practices when documenting discharge instructions
  • Commit to one change to imporve patient safety and decrease medico-legal risk

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Questions Submitted

  • Hello, I was wondering what the CMPA thinks of delegating the task of contacting patients that have left without being seen or haven't shown up to appointments (i.e. secretary) or patients who are refusing to come in to the office/ER (i.e. nurse). Would you advise for it? Because that's something I like to do. As it allows to continue to see patients.

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