Banafcheh Hejazi, Canada

family doctor

Dr. Banafcheh Hejazi is a family physician, a professor at the Family Medicine Residency Program at the McGill University, and a documentary filmmaker. Dr. Hejazi has devoted her rewarding career to breaking various traditional taboos and helping people struggling with mental health problems to live a fulfilling life. Through her work in the field of Adolescent Medicine, Dr. Hejazi has empowered many teenagers to take charge of their mental health and lead a healthy and normal life as they step into adulthood. In 2013, Dr. Hejazi took on the ambitious project of producing a documentary to create awareness about depression among physicians. Les Médecins Pleurent aussi documentary has been broadcasted multiple times on CBC TV and has become a mandatory component of the first-year medicine curriculum in all universities across Quebec. Her latest documentary LA BELLE DIFFÉRENCE brakes the taboo of autism and explains the challenges of autistic teenagers and their place in our society. Among many other achievements, Dr. Hejazi is the recipient of the prestigious Diamond Jubilee Medal from Queen ELIZABETH II for her 15 years of volunteer work at Shield of Athena for family violence.

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